MacaHeroes's Comm Info!

*✧・゚: ✧・゚: :・゚✧:・゚✧*

Status: Open! [3/4]


  • 1- Sketch phase!

  • 3- Open!

  • 2- Open!

  • 4- Open!

[Emote comms are open regardless of the slots for other types!]


  • Contact is through DMs on any social media, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.

  • Payment is upfront, won't start working until payment is done.

  • Payment is via Paypal in USD. [If you're also from Chile, payment can be done via Mach, in CLP of course.]

  • I can refuse to take a commission if I'm not comfortable with it.

  • If I have to design a character/outfits, that will have an additional cost.

  • The art created is only for personal use and may NOT be used for profit.

Will draw:

  • Fanart, Original Characters.

  • Human/Humanoid characters, furry characters.

  • Multiple characters.

  • Couples.

Will NOT draw:

  • NSFW Artwork.

  • Fetish Art.

  • Gore.

  • Mechas. [I'm not skilled enough to do so atm!]

  • Anything hateful and bigoted.

  • Adult/Minor ships, incest, you know the drill.

Regular Style

  • Price starts at $40 USD

  • Each additional character is $20 USD

  • Backgrounds start at $30 USD, might be more depending on complexity.

  • ^ Images without a BG come with a plain striped bg. If you want something slightly more complex, but not a full on BG, can be talked out.

Puyo Puyo Style

  • Price starts at $35 USD

  • ^ Non-Shaded versions are $30 USD

  • [Ask for backgrounds/Cutscene styled artwork]

Discord Emojis

  • Price per emote: $15 USD

  • Size: 256 x 256


  • Base price: $15 USD

  • Each additional character is $5 USD

  • If the sketch is digital, can be colored for $5 USD more